LMWLakshmi Machine Works (India)
LMWLittoral and Mine Warfare
LMWLicensed Manufacturing Warehouse
LMWLent Madness Withdrawal
LMWLocal Minority Woman Owned Company
LMWLow-Water Mark
LMWLead Mobility Wing
LMWLimited Manufacturer Warranty
LMWLow Maintenance Woman
LMWLanMan Workstation
LMWLevel of Maximum Wind
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In detailed evaluation, protein/Cr was found to be 7.9 mg/mg, [beta]2 mikroglobulin/Cr was found to be 5744 mg/g and it was evaluated to be LMW proteinuria.
The event is part of LMW's series, The Challenge - an interactive leadership masterclass for current and aspiring leaders and managers in private sector businesses.
RESULTS: In stratified, multivariable models, each log unit (roughly 3-fold) increase in LMW metabolites was associated with 21% and 22% increases in odds (95% CI: 1.05-1.39 and 1.07-1.39, respectively) of overweight and obesity, and a 0.090-SD unit increase in BMI z-score (95% CI: 0.003-0.18), among non-Hispanic blacks.
subjects with at least one apo(a) isoform of LMW (low phenotypes), subjects with more than one apo(a) LMW isoforms and subjects with apo(a) isoforms LMW more than 600 kd.
LMW director Dr Barrie Kennard said: "We found that organisations in Wales felt that leadership and management development was more effective when classroom learning was coupled with workplace coaching."
A separate study, which used human subjects, demonstrated that hydrolysis of the chicken sternal cartilage not only reduced the MW of the collagen type II but also depolymerized the HA (a macromolecule with a native MW that ranges higher than 1x106 Da) into shorter chain LMW fragments.
Plasma adiponectin consists of trimer (presented as a low molecular weight multimer, LMW, in the present study) and over-hexamer (presented as high molecular-weight multimers, HMW).
Rieter, having been associated with LMW for more than 45 years, has brought down its stake in the venture, as part of its plan to go solo.
The cleavage of the slpA precursor into LMW and HMW proteins was predicted between aa 342 and aa 343 (N terminal to an Ala amino acid residue and C-terminal to a consensus motif Thr-Lys-Ser).
Established in 1991 as part of the LMW group, Adwaith Lakshmi undertakes job work for machining and manufacturing gear box systems and components for the LMW group's textile machinery.
LMW: You've made five films with Vittorio Storaro: Flamenco, Taxi, Tango, Goya en Burdeos--all in the 90's--and now Io, Don Giovanni.
For the first five years of service, he will get half his last monthly wage (LMW), which is half his last monthly salary plus all other allowances, monthly averaged, if any.