LMWDLow-Mass White Dwarf (astronomy)
LMWDLeyte Metropolitan Water District (Philippines)
LMWDLinwood Metropolitan Water District (Linwood, Michigan)
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Petilla said LMWD already serves many barangays in Tanauan.
Engineer Roy Urmeneta, LMWD water resource division chief, noted how the solar-powered water systems had helped communities.
The provincial government-appointed LMWD-BOD said they were forced to continue the legal battle after the Romualdez-appointed General Manager Pastor Homeres and four board members to the LMWD vehemently defied the decision of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Tacloban City issued on February 2.
LMWD Mn Mw Mz PDI Resin (g/mol) (g/mol) (g/mol) (Mw/Mn) HDPE-7 8,088 35,964 182,789 4.45 HDPE-8 9,825 34,254 113,919 3.49 HDPE-9 6,472 33,602 220,440 5.19 HDPE-11 7,172 34,136 198,143 4.76 HDPE-10 8,701 33,401 144,701 3.84 HMWD Natural Mn Mw Mz PDI frequency Resin (g/mol) (g/mol) (g/mol) (Mw/Mn) (rad/s) HDPE-7 150,924 679,002 2,402,284 4.50 137.76 HDPE-8 230,302 849,141 2,856,278 3.69 151.29 HDPE-9 88,886 464,084 1,883,210 5.22 158.03 HDPE-11 89,355 448,832 1,508,886 5.02 209.26 HDPE-10 113,195 433,682 1,446,376 3.83 302.86 TABLE 7.
Thus, LWUA's leadership expressed hope the LMWD would function and operate smoothly and effectively like before Romualdez appointed her supporters to the Board of Directors (BOD) of the LMWD on December 17, 2017.
But Sabandal upheld the status of De Veyra's group as the board of directors at the time the petition was filed until January 17, when the petitioners barged into the LMWD office and took over the board.
MWC submitted to LMWD in May an unsolicited proposal for a partnership for the design, improvement, upgrade, rehabilitation, and expansion of water supply and sanitation facilities in the province of Leyte, including the city of Tacloban and the relocation sites of the Yolanda victims.
Manila Water yesterday told the local bourse the deal entailed the incorporation of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that would undertake the design, construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, operation, financing, expansion, and management of the facilities and services of LMWD.
It was learned that the five-member LMWD board of directors who were appointed by the Leyte governor for a sixth term refuse to give way to the new set of directors appointed by Mayor Cristina Romualdez.
Manila Water said a special purpose vehicle (SPV) which would implement the project under a contractual joint venture with LMWD would first be incorporated.
Romualdez had written to President Rodrigo Duterte on May 18 asking him to intervene and allow the city government to appoint LMWD board members.
Convicted were former LMWD General Manager Ranulfo Feliciano and member of the LMWD Board of Directors, Dr.