LMYLamy (Amtrak station code; Lamy, NM)
LMYLean Meat Yield (industry measurement)
LMYLuxury Mediterranean Yachting (yacht charter; Kiriacoulis Group; Greece)
LMYLove and Miss You
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Head and neck traits and milk traits: Genetic and phenotypic correlations between head and neck traits and lactation milk yield (LMY) ranged from -0.40 to 0.88 and -0.33 to 0.90, respectively.
Finally a total of 3,552, 3,733, 2,938, 1,125,2,764, and 2,773 records on LMY, 305 days milk yield (305-d MY), LL, AFC, CI, and DO, respectively were used in the final analysis of the mixed models fitted to generate the estimates (Table 1).
Alternatively, some have read 'lmy as "my youth" (Hebrew); see J.
lMy mother-in-law has come back as one of the undead and we must track her to her coffin to drive a stake through her heart and give her eternal peace.
lMY CAREER: 'I was earning a living from the age of 14, singing in clubs.
Each year, many new gardening books are published - so, with Christmas in mind, here are just a few of my recommendations of those published in 2002: lMy number one choice for all-round advice on garden planning, techniques, maintenance, soil types and climate, plus a host of other chapters, has to be The Royal Horticultural Encyclopaedia Of Gardening, edited by Christopher Brickell (Dorling Kindersley, pounds 35).
lMy Memoirs (Richard Hannon/Jerry Bailey) runs his heart out in the Belmont Stakes in New York, but is foiled by AP Indy (Neil Drysdale/Eddie Delahoussaye).
Upon broaching the subject to you-know -who at lmy earliest opportunity, I said, "You must have another set of keys for your car."
This study aimed to determine the relationship between lactation milk yield, (LMY), somatic cell count (SCC), and udder traits using some statistical techniques, viz.
They were on tea cups, teapots, and script pages were taped into the middle of newspapers continued over page 4-PAGE special i lMy pullout
Lithic Metals and Energy Ltd (AIM: LMY), a Bermuda based company that explores for uranium and nickel resources in Zambia and Mozambique, has announced results from test pitting at its Kpote and Haito nickel prospects, in Togo.