LMZLandesmedienzentrum (Germany)
LMZLaser Medizin Zentrum (Germany)
LMZLeder und Motorradclub Zürich
LMZLocal Machine Zone
LMZLaboratory of Medical Zoology (University of Massachusetts)
LMZLehrmittelzentum (Austria)
LMZLeningradsky Metallichesky Zavod
LMZLower Mineralized Zone
LMZLakeshore Management Zone (Canada)
LMZLateral Marginal Zone
LMZLocal Management Zone (UK forestry)
LMZLebensmittel Zeitung (Germany)
LMZLaser-Melted Zone
LMZLeft Middle Zone (lung region)
LMZLizzie McGuire Zone (website)
LMZLower Mixing Zone
LMZLast Major Zone
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The new restaurant is LMZ Cuisine's third franchised outlet in the emirate and serves modern, authentic Thai food.
The company stated that Petitt's experience and creativity will complement Feuer's experience in all aspects of the soluble category, enabling LMZ to further innovate customer solutions and products, and grow its sustainable practices.
Para la fuente de variacion repeticiones dentro de localidades, las variables RG, NOHI, LMZ, DMZ y AMZ fueron altamente significativas (p < 0.01) para la fuente de variacion tratamientos (T) todas las variables fueron significativas p < 0.01 lo que sugiere que existen diferencias geneticas entre las 144 cruzas evaluadas, lo que puede deberse a diferencias entre los progenitores utilizados.
In the GCC and Hong Kong, Sangeetha is franchised by and in partnership with LMZ Cuisines - the food and beverage subsidiary of Landmark Zenath (LMZ) Group.
A total eleven ships namely, Mol Grandeur, MSC Asya, Grace, Sea Pace, LMZ Phoebe, Orient Peony, Orion-III, Sea Princess, White Purl, LNG LMO and Able Sailor are currently occupying PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Coal, Bitumen, Soya been seeds, LPG, LNG and Palm oil respectively during last 24 hours.
Tenders are invited for Rate contract for thermal spray insulation of turbine of rating 195/200/210/250/270/500 mw (kwu) or 210 mw (lmz) sets at bhel-pser.
A total ten ships namely Safmarine Nyassa, Mol Courage, Grace, IVS Gleneagles, LMZ Phoebe, Orin-III Sea Princess, LNG IMO, Horizon and flag ship Tulip are currently occupying PQA berths to load/offload Containers of Coal, Bitumen, Soya been seeds, LNG, palm oil and diesel oil respectively during last 24 hours.
Request for quotations : works on checking the equipment of control of lmz of blocks st.
LMZ Phoebe OC-Services 14/09/18 Not Sched Nil 50, 000 CANOLA:
Four ships, Mol Grandeur, LMZ Phoebe, IVS Gleneagles and LNG IMO carrying Containers, Coal and LNG are expected to take berths at QICT, PIBT, PQEPT and PGPCL respectively on Wednesday, while another containers ship Safmarine Nyassa is due to arrive at port Qasim on Thursday.