LN3Legalman Third Class (Naval Rating)
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The three-parameter lognormal (LN3) distribution is popular in the studies of the frequency analysis of floods as well.
Furthermore, cluster 3 has also a high mean TFIDF value for the word stem of the last name "ln3".
Case I: A = 100; [beta] = ln3; [sigma] = 2; [lambda] = 3; [delta] = 0.1; [eta] = 0.025; [rho] = 0.05
For more advice, send your name, address and two first-class stamps to the Prostate Help Association, Langworth, Lincoln LN3 5DF.
The Prostate Help Association publishes newsletters and information sheets on all aspects of prostate disease available from Philip Dunn, Langworth, Lincoln, LN3 5DF.
nAvailable from Russell Clarke, Woodview, Horncastle Road, Southrey Wood, Lincs LN3 5SU (01526 397283) russell@russellclarke.demon.co.uk
FOR more information, send two first-class stamps to the Prostate Help Association, PHA(MIRROR), Langworth, Lincoln, LN3 5DF.
Contact: S Vessey, 46 Fiskerton Road, Reepham, Lincoln, LN3 4EF or telephone 01522 751324.
Send a stamped addressed envelope for information to: Prostate Help Association, Langworth, Lincoln LN3 5DF.
For further information you can write to; PROSTATE HELP ASSOCIATION (P.H.A.) LANGWORTH LINCOLN LN3 5DF.
Afterwards, the cells were stained with PERCPCy5.5-labeled antibody conjugated with CD14 (anti-CD14 PERCPCy5.5; clone 61D3), anti-CD16 FITC (clone CB16), anti-IL-10R PE (polyclonal), anti-IL-4R[alpha] PE (clone hIL-4R-M57), and anti-HLA-DR PE (clone LN3) and then washed in PBS and fixed in 4% formaldehyde for 20 min at room temperature.