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LNAVLateral Navigation
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For example, LNAV and VNAV modes must be selected on the MCP in order for the autopilot to follow the horizontal and vertical guidance commands entered into the FMC.
With LNAV only, you're in localizer-only territory, with one exception: You don't have to identify OBOVE to get that MDA.
We had worked on LPV and LNAV procedures, plus some ILSes, during about 1.5 hours of simulated instrument flying in my airplane.
Approach Total Number Airports Type of Approaches Served LPV 3628 1762 LNAV/VNAV 3502 1669 LNAV 6045 2747 LP 604 435 Stand-Alone GPS 97 72
What were once called GPS approaches are being renamed RNAV approaches, with the non-precision GPS approach mini-mums called LNAV (lateral guidance).
On an approach with LNAV mins only the receiver gives advisory vertical guidance; you can follow it or fly the traditional dive and drive method.
So the LNAV to Runway 19 will work, and you prefer it to the LOC/ DME BC 19.
It is an LNAV approach with a navigator providing an advisory glide-slope and flown to LNAV MDA minima.
When I was established on the FAS, the GTN indicated that I was flying an LNAV approach.
Every IFR-certified and installed GPS unit allows the pilot to descend to LNAV (i.e., straight-in) and circling MDAs.
The AIM goes on: "When the temperature is above the high temperature or below the low temperature limit, baro-VNAV may be used to provide a stabilized descent to the LNAV MDA: however, extra caution should be used in the visual segment to ensure a vertical correction is not required.
Both ICAO and Flight Safety Foundation studies demonstrate that a simple runway-aligned approach, say an LNAV, is 25 times safer in avoiding a CFIT accident than a circling approach.