LNCALincoln Neighborhood Community Alliance (Kenosha, WI)
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UEC will become part of LNCA's Data Center Power and Control division.
A wide variation in the length of institutionalization (between one week and eight years) was also one of the characteristics of the adolescents investigated, similar to LNCA data (Ministerio do Desenvolvimento Social e Combate a Fome, 2011) which showed 17.6 years as the maximum institutionalization time in the Southeast region.
LNCA said the acquisition will expand Legrand's position in the commercial data centre market, and enhance product offerings for key customer segments such as hyperscale, collocation, and cloud computing providers and system integrators.
11 May 2017 - Connecticut, US-based electrical and digital building infrastructures provider Legrand, North and Central America (LNCA) has acquired New York-based data centre design, engineering, enclosures and air containment systems manufacturer AFCO Systems, the company said.
The AFCO Systems product line will become part of LNCA's newly formed cabinet and containment solutions business within its data communications division.
The company said the creation of its new cabinet and containment solutions business, featuring the combined product lines of LNCA and AFCO Systems, will enable it to marshall energy and resources us to address application or user requirements.
Pusieron por punto o centro [del Tauantinsuyu] la ciudad del Cozco, que en la lengua particular de los lncas quiere dezir ombligo de la tierra: llamaronla con buena semejanca ombligo, porque todo el Peru es largo y angosto como un cuerpo humano, y aquella ciudad esta casi en medio (enfasis agregado).