LNCQLeague of Northern Colorado Quilters (Fort Collins, CO)
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However, further evaluation on clinical samples will be required in this range to determine if the actual errors with the Poisson and lnCq methods are comparable.
For instance, in Kien van tieu luc (A small record of things seen and heard), Le Quy Don (1726-84) observed that the LNCQ adapted stories from the Song-era Tai Quy Ky by Truong Quan Phong and from the Yuan-era Narn Hai Co Tich Ky by Ngo Lai.
(56) Historian Nguyen Phuong observed that Ngo Si Lien went further than Le Van Huru did in ascribing a more ambitious territorial domain to Dai Viet due to his euhemerising (lich su hoa) the myths in LNCQ. For the former, 'the phantasmagorical world is the real world, and stories about spirits are also historical stories'.
The materials used by the court historian for this chapter came mostly from da su (chronicles) and in particular, from LNCQ. (58) Ngo Si Lien was the first court historian to exploit myths, popular legends, and tales recorded in temple stelae, systemising them as sources for Ngoai Ky.
For instance, the Dai Viet thong giam thong khao (Complete study of the history of Dai Viet) compiled by Vu Quynh (one of the compilers of Viet dien u linh and LNCQ), who presented his work to Emperor Le Tuong Duc in 1511, opened with the H6ng Bang dynasty.
(91) He particularly questioned the story of the union of the Dragon Lord and the Immortal, dismissing it as an 'unfounded interpretation' (thuyet vo van) inspired by LNCQ and Viet dien u linh.
He deemed LNCQ to be 'a collection of hoang duong (implausible) and bizarre stories that could not be trusted to be factual.' (113) He explained that the Hung Kings mythography sprung from the rich imaginations of scholars who had invented names and stories of these Hung figures, pressed as they were by the Le court that obligated villagers to petition it for approval and recognition of tutelary spirit(s)!
(11) There are between nine to eleven truyen ban (transmitted versions) of LNCQ, each including at least twenty-two stories compiled over centuries by a number of authors.
2013); Dinh Gia Khanh and Nguyen Ngoc San, 'Loi Gioi Thieu', in LNCQ 2011, pp.
(28) Vu Quynh, 'Tua Liet Truyen Linh Nam Chich Quai' [Title of the Compendium of wondrous tales gathered from Linh Nam], in LNCQ 1961, p.