LNDPLatvian National Democratic Party
LNDPLiving New Deal Project (California)
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Investment promotion Agencies have played an important role in channeling investments to a country, ITie Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) was established in 1994 to spearhead Lebuums investment promotion efforts and to promote I,ebanon as key investment destination ITic LNDP Project at IDAL was set-up in 2W3 to provide IDAL with strategic and advisor)~ support in performing its functions, (her the years, the role of the UNDP Project has taken a more operational focus to fill the shortage in IDAL staff and technical capacity.
The Myanmar delegation included representatives from: All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMDP); Chin Progressive Party (CPP); Chin National Party (CNP); Inn Nationality Development Party (INDP); Kayan National Party (KNP); Lahu National Development Party (LNDP); Pa-O National Organization (PNO); Phalon Sawaw Democratic Party (PSDP); Rakhine Nationality Development Party; Shan National Democratic Party (SNDP); Ta-ang (Palaung) National Party (TNP); Unity and Democracy Party of Kachin State (UDPKS); and the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).
(78) "Submission of Petitions from the Inhabitants of Mandated Territories." LNDP, CPM 405 Reel CPM-4; "Notes on the Permanent Mandates Commission's Questionnaire," p.