LNEALigue Nationale des Etudiants Algériens (French: National League of Algerian Students)
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Each of these models was considered along with three error assumptions (EAs) viz., normal error assumption (NEA), log-normal error assumption (LNEA) and gamma error assumption (GEA).
LNEA did not produce MF whereas NEA and GEA sometimes produced MF.
Epidermophyton floccosum'un calismamizdaki sikligi %2.8 olarak bulundu ve en cok lnea pediste saptandi.
Klinik olarak en sik gorulen formun lnea pedis oldugu ve bu klinik fomia en cok neden olan etkenlerin Trichophyton rubn.im ve Trichophyton mentagrophytes oldugu saptanmistir.
A la Universidad del Valle por al apoyo en el desarrollo acadmico y cientfico de la lnea de ficologa y al grupo de investigacion en biologa de plantas y microorganismos adscritos al programa de Biologa.
Experts say that the topic should be present without abusing their exposure, using recommended criteria and appealing to help mechanisms such as Lnea Vida 0800 0767.
During yesterday's meeting, which was also attended by representatives of the Anti-Drug Prosecutor's Office and the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Cdiz, measures were proposed such as the specialization of the Violence Court on Women of Algeciras so that it can also take charge of matters of this type from the judicial parties of San Roque and La Lnea de la Concepcin, which would reduce the overload of the judicial bodies of those localities.
The Ministry of Public Health and the State Health Services Administration insist that anyone who requires help turn to Lnea Vida (0800 0767 or 0767), through which specialized teams attend 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Finally, Zamora Mesa said that through the Lnea 113 Salud free line, women can obtain information on emergency oral contraception, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Tenders are invited for Road cleaning and waste collection and management, from the port facilities of Algeciras, La Lnea, Camp and Tarifa.
It should be noted that citizens who consider that their health rights have been violated, can make their inquiries and complaints through the Lnea 113 Salud free line, from a fixed or cell phone and any operator; or through our website: www.susalud.gob.pe.
Contract notice: street cleaning and waste collection and management, from the port facilities of algeciras, la lnea, camp and tarifa