LNFGLast Night from Glasgow (podcast)
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At the time our bass player and drummer had just left, and had LNFG not been so enthusiastic about the album, I'm not sure the band would still be going today.
Trace and maximum eigenvalue statistics, which test the null hypothesis that there is no cointegrating vector, are large for systems ([Mathematical Expression Omitted]), ([Mathematical Expression Omitted]), (R1, ln ry), (R1,DEF/y), and (R1, ln rM2), but are very small for systems (R1,RFR), (R1, lnfg), (R1, ln tx), and (R1,fh).
If we hadn't funded our album we would never have met Ian and he would never have started LNFG and subsequently Emme Woods, Stephen Solo, Mark Georgsson and BooHooHoo wouldn't have released or be releasing music.