LNIMLatvian National Independence Movement (political organization)
LNIMLecture Notes in Mathematics (publication; Springer-Verlag GmbH; Berlin, Germany)
LNIMLean Now Implementation Methodology
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lnEDEX is the federal education expenditure in natural log, lnTENR is natural log of total enrollment in schools, lnER is natural log of exchange rate, lnHEEX is natural log of federal health expenditure, lnIM is natural log of Infant Mortality, lnFENR is natural log of Female Enrollment, lnY is natural log of per capita GDP and [[epsilon].sub.1] is the white noise error term.
Zivot-Andrew Results Series 5% critical value ZA test statistics Test A -3.77 -4.80 lnOFDI Test B -2.81 -4.42 Test C -2.51 -5.08 Test A -3.60 -4.80 lnEXM Test B -3.56 -4.42 Test C -3.54 -5.08 Test A -3.64 -4.80 lnlMM Test B -3.70 -4.42 Test C -3.72 -5.08 Test A -4.47 -4.80 lnEXS Test B -4.40 -4.42 Test C -4.70 -5.08 Test A -2.43 -4.80 lnIMS Test B -2.30 -4.42 Test C -2.27 -5.08 Note: The ZA tests are based on Zivot and Andrew's (1992) critical values.