LNISLobular Neoplasia In-Situ
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Step 4: Calculation of N[S.sup.+.sub.i] and N[S.sup.-.sub.i] To calculate N[S.sup.+.sub.i] and N[S.sup.-.sub.i], we calculate sum of each line, and then subtracting from the LNIS and from SNIS respectively.
To formulate the both proposed method, many measures are defined such as Neutrosophic Manhattan Distance measure, that is used to calculate, distances from Maximum (larger) Neutrosophic Ideal Solution (LNIS) minimum neutrosophic ideal solutions, as two new defined measures.
T stage and LNI are independent prognostic factors for CSS in RCC.
LNI was simplified as yes or no regardless of a single or multiple LNI as in 2002 version.
For the purposes of this study, the contents of the data consisted of patients' date of birth, gender, presence of systemic symptom, presentation, surgical approach, pathological size, perinephric fat invasion (PNI), RVI, adrenal invasion, invasion beyond Gerota's fascia, LNI, pathological T and N stage (2002 TNM), Fuhrman nuclear grade, histological tumor type, adjuvant treatment, recurrence, vital status, date of death, cause of death, and date of last follow-up parameters.
When 1761 patients without LNI were considered, only pairwise CSS comparison between pT1a and pT1b (p=0.009) was statistically significant.
When patients with LNI excluded from the analysis 2002 and 2010 TNM pT stage remained statistically significant (p<0.001), C-indexes were 0.7463 and 0.7516, respectively.
With: Jose Lnis Garcia Perez, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Maria Jesus Valdes, Manuel Moron, Andres Gertrudix, Vicente Romero, Andrea Villanueva, Manuel Moron.