LNMLocal Notice to Mariners (US Coast Guard publication)
LNMLow Noise Model (seismology)
LNMLakshmi Niwas Mittal (India)
LNMLoch Ness Monster
LNMLebanese National Movement
LNMLAN Network Manager
LNMLaboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics
LNMLinear Nautical Mile
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There was no statistically significant effect of histopathologic diagnosis, capsule infiltration, number of tumor focuses, presence of cervical LNM, distant metastases or Tg level on PFS.
[20] concluded that advanced TNM stage, lateral LNM, and extrathyroidal extension are significantly correlated with preoperative high TSH levels.
Other clinicopathological factors including gender, tumor size, ETE, and histological subtypes of WDTC and LNM are not significantly associated with CSS and DFS in our study.
In the present study, we aimed to analyze the clinical characters of EGCs, investigate the rate of LNM, and clarify risk factors of EGC with LNM.
LNm: number of metastatic lymph nodes, LVI: lymphovascular invasion, MC: molecularclassification, TS: tumorsize, LA/LB: luminal A/B, and Her-2: Her-2 breast carcinoma.
On December 2, 2009, the Coast Guard published a new LNM, announcing the
Figure 5 shows the mean 24-hour IOP of HM and LNM. The 24-hour IOP variation in HM was relatively small.
A total of five studies comprising 369 cancer patients reported the correlation of linc00152 with LNM in multiple neoplasms.
The group, Alyansa Dabaw: Hugpong Dabawenyo para sa LNM Batac, described Duterte's decision as a perpetuation of 'historical injustice' committed to all victims of martial law and asked him to listen instead to the sentiments of the survivors.
Even though the imaging characteristics of IMPC are not distinguishable from that of IDC-NOS, positron emission tomography-computed tomography might be helpful in the diagnosis by identifying the high maximum standardized uptake value, which is apparent as a feature of IMPC because of its frequent LVI and LNM. (11)