LNMALinguistic Normative Model of Argumentation
LNMALatvian National Museum of Art
LNMALoad Negative Magnitude A (UNIVAC 1100 instruction)
LNMALivestock Nutrient Management Act
LNMALatvijas neatkarigo mežizstradataju asociacija
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The most unique and important artworks are Arcadia (c.1910, LNMA) and Princess with a Monkey (1913, LNMA) by Janis Rozentals, Winter (1910, LNMA) by Vilhelms Purvitis and Peasant Girl (ca.1904, LNMA) by Johann Walter.
The LNMA faithfully waited, collecting Latvias artistic heritage for more than a hundred years.
The LNMA is located in the Historic Center of Riga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in a scenic section known as Boulevard Circle, with beautiful buildings and lush parks.
"LNMA will drive the creation of our nation's identity, and is one of the important elements of the Latvian cultural infrastructure," said Melbarde.
For Melbarde it is also of great importance that the LNMA is able to provide quality services in its institutions.