LNMBLandelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde (Dutch: National Network of Mathematical Operations Research; est. 1987; Netherlands)
LNMBLeave No Man Behind (military; also gaming)
LNMBLibingan Ng Mga Bayani (Philippines)
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Among the IA's that received funds, the BCDA received the largest amount that was to be used for the transformation of the LNMB into a world-class memorial facility.
Located within Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City, the LNMB was established in May 1947 as a republic memorial cemetery for the soldiers who perished in World War II.
The President's position on Marcos burial was backed by the SC in a ruling issued on November 8 where a majority of the 15-man High Tribunal found no grave abuse of discretion on the part of Duterte in granting the plea of the Marcos family to bury the late dictator at the LNMB.
There are those who believe that the burial of the dictator at LNMB should lead to closure - to forgiveness, healing and moving on.
Volatility measures (LEVG, LSIGR, and LSIGVOL), uncertainty variables (LNINTGTA, RDSALES, and LNMB), and informed trader proxies (LINST and LPINST) are added to the LTC equation.
(2) [delta lnGDP.sub.t] - [delta lnMB.sub.t] = [alpha] + [rho.delta lnGDP.sub.t - 1] + (b - 1)[delta lnMB.sub.t] + [e.sub.t].
The late strongman's remains had been transferred from Ilocos Norte to the LNMB amid uproar from victims of human rights violations during his two-decade martial rule.
The Supreme Court (SC) has affirmed with finality its 2016 decision allowing the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).