LNPPLeningrad Nuclear Power Plant (Russia)
LNPPLarge Newspaper Printing Press (print industry)
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In this way, for sweet almond samples, obtusifoliol, damaradienol, C16:1[omega]-7 acid, OLL + LnPP, C18:2t acid, and [DELTA]5,24-stigmastadienol were the main features selected through random forest analysis.
In this essay the authors consider the approach taken by the Labor Migration Project, in particular the Labor Newspaper Preservation Project (LNPP) to achieve bibliographic control over the non-English-language labor press in English- and French-language North America.
While a LNPP framework made it possible to obtain comparatively complete coverage, it is impossible to provide statistical information about numbers, publications, editors, and readership of today's print and electronic publications.
.doesn't apply to products such as large newspaper printing presses," said Saito, because, unlike mass-produced, standardized products covered by the general rule, each LNPP sales is uniquely customized, so even sales of what are marketed as a given press model cannot meet the 20% test and cannot "reasonably determine whether the manufacturer recoups the entire cost on that particular model.