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LNSLecture Notes in Statistics
LNSEast Lansing (Amtrak station code; East Lansing, MI)
LNSLymph Node Sampling
LNSL2tp Network Server
LNSLinux Network Systems
LNSLinux and Network Solutions
LNSL2TP Network Server (terminates L2TP tunnels & provides PPP and network termination)
LNSLaboratory for Neutron Scattering
LNSLogarithmic Number System
LNSLiberation News Service
LNSLaboratori Nazionali del Sud (Italy)
LNSLength Not Specified
LNSLanier National Speedway (Braselton, Georgia)
LNSLancaster, PA, USA - Lancaster (Airport Code)
LNSLondon Nautical School (UK)
LNSLincoln North Star (Lincoln, NE high school)
LNSLocal Needlework Shop
LNSLocal Network Service
LNSLand Navigation System
LNSLiteracy and Numeracy Strategy (New Zealand)
LNSLiteracy Nova Scotia
LNSLeafy Normal Stature (botany)
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The avascular and hilar patterns were defined as LNs with normal vascularity pattern, and the peripheral or mixed pattern as LNs with abnormal vascularity pattern.
Furthermore, the sizes of the two para-aortic LNs significantly increased to 12.7 [+ or -] 0.9 mm (para-aortic LN #1, Figure 1(k)) and 17.1 [+ or -]0.8 mm (para-aortic LN #2, Figure 1(l)).
Among these subjects, 48 were performed an US-guided FNA for indeterminate or suspicious LNs. Considering American [1], European [2], and Korean management guidelines for patients with thyroid nodules [8], we made the FNA criteria for LNs as follows: (1) a LN ([greater than or equal to] 5-7mm in a short axis) having one of the findings for malignancy on US, such as cystic change, calcification, hyperechogenicity, or abnormal vascularity, and (2) a LN ([greater than or equal to] 8-10 mm in a short diameter) having indeterminate findings on US, such as loss of central hilar echo and absence of central hilar vascularity.
The criteria for benignity included: I) normal nucleocytoplasmic ratio; II) small nucleoli; III) limited number of nucleoli; IV) smooth nuclear membrane; V) fine chromatin; VI) absence of hyperchromasia; VII) tightly adherent cells (except for LNs); VIII) clear background; and IX) absence of mitosis.
Clinicopathologic data including age, type of surgical procedure, tumor histotype, tumor size, grade, depth of myometrial invasion, lymphovascular space involvement (LVSI), cervical involvement, adnexal involvement, positive peritoneal cytology, number of LNs, and LN involvement were extracted from patient charts and the institutional database following approval of institutional review board of Akdeniz University.
To determine the likelihood of finding positive LNs in the immediate vicinity of the tumor versus distant from the tumor mass, the LNs were examined separately from 2 distinct zones in each resection.
The present study reports 32.7% cases of nipple and skin invasion with statistically significant association with nodal status (p 3' LNs).
Given this trade-off, the aim of this work is to perform an analysis between 32-bit FLP and LNS in terms of speed, area, power consumption, power-efficiency and accuracy of addition, subtraction and multiplication [left arrow]operations based on an ASIC implementation.
The LNs in three regions (external iliac, obturator fossa and internal iliac region) together with the surrounding adipose tissue were carefully dissected.
The same serving size has previously been used in sensory trial involving porridge mixed with LNS [18, 19].
Microparticles have also been identified in the lymph nodes (LNs) and dermis of individuals in African rift valleys who walked barefoot and developed elephantiasis of the feet and legs (Blundell et al.
The A470 trunk road north of the Coryton Interchange on the outskirts of Cardiff is the latest to benefit from Low Noise Surfacings (LNS).