LNTDLaboratorio Nuove Tecnologie Didattiche (Italian: New Educational Technology Laboratory)
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The elasticity of LnGDPPATdex is quite similar between LnTD and LnAHSD for Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.
However, the positively significant estimators of Ln(D) for the LnAHSD and LnTD equations of Indonesia and the Philippines are contradictory to the expected sign.
CULTURE is found to be highly significant for both LnAHSD and LnTD of Indonesia and Thailand.
According to Table 3, in the whole sample, our empirical result of Equation (1) shows that the input prices LNW and LNC are positively related with the total cost (LNTC) and two outputs (LNLN and LNTD) are negatively linked to LNTC, while the other output variable LNFI is insignificant.
Two output variables LNTD and LNFI are negatively related to the total costs for 1997, 1998 and 1999 while LNLN is negatively related to LNTC for 1997 and 1998 but positively related to LNTC in 1999.
Coefficient estimates of total donations function (dependent variable lnTD): ordinary least squares (OLS) and weighted least squares (WLS) results