LNTSLibrary of New Testament Studies (book series)
LNTSLeague of Nations Treaty Series
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Even with the improved sulfur tolerance and lower fuel sulfur levels, sulfur poisoning still leads to a significant reduction of NOx storage capacity and conversion efficiency of the LNT. As a consequence, LNTs have to perform periodic desulfurization strategies, in which the catalyst temperature exceeds 650 [degrees]C in order to recover its storage capacity [11].
This approach creates significant challenges, one of which is based on the sensitivity of LNTs to chemical poisoning, especially by sulfur.
(12.) "London Proces-Verbal Relating to the Rules of Submarine Warfare Set Forth in Part IV of the Treaty of London of 22 April 1930, November 6, 1936," 173 LNTS 353, 3 Bevans 298.
See 179 LNTS 89, opened for signature 12 April 1930 (entered into force 1 July 1937).
The catalysts used for our study were two fully formulated LNTs manufactured by Johnson Matthey.
(34) Communication from Alexander Cadogan to Sir Eric Drummond, Secretary-General of the League of Nations, 27 November 1924 in 27 LNTS 449, 449.
(30) International Convention to Suppress the Stare Trade and Slavery, opened for signature 25 September 1926, 60 LNTS 254 (entered into force 9 March 1927) ('the Convention').
(58.) Convention Respecting Reciprocal Emigration, 27 November 1919, 1 LNTS 68.
Two current diesel N[O.sub.x] aftertreatment approaches, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with aqueous urea and Lean N[O.sub.x] Traps (LNTs), would require modifications to satisfy the upcoming regulations.
(62) Opened for signature 25 September 1926, 60 LNTS 253 (entered into force 9 March 1927).
Most chemical weapons appear to be banned in warfare under the 1925 Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of bacteriological Methods of Warfare, opened for signature 17 June 1925, 94 LNTS 65 ('1925 Geneva Protocol), which is reiterated in the Rome Statute art 8(2)(b)(xviii), but this is not free from doubt; thus, there should probably be express references in the Rome Statute to the later Treaty.