LNWLayered Network
LNWLabel and Narrow Web (printing industry)
LNWLibraries North West (England, UK)
LNWLandhandel Nord-West (German: Country Commercial North-West)
LNWLiberty Northwest Insurance Corp
LNWLepelle Northern Water (Polokwane, South Africa)
LNWLateral Nasal Wall (otolaryngology)
LNWLaser Nerve Welding (microsurgery)
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Given that informed citizens are assumed to hold correct beliefs, [[delta].sup.i] = [delta], the first term, (lnw - ln [pi]) [[delta].sup.i]r, represents the positive effect of the reform on the real wage (i.e., when deregulation increases), the representative citizen believes the reform increases his or her real wage through better allocation of resources and productivity effects.
In the Table 7, there are results of OLS regression of model (1) when we split our data to 21 individual countries blocks; explained part of lnW variation by our model is higher (between 13.8% for the Czech Republic and 55.1% for Portugal).
Between August 1916 and November 1918 nearly 35,000 tons of sulphur and nitrate of soda were conveyed by the LNW Railway to inland munitions factories making explosives and bullets.
Wolfsdorf JI, Allgrove J, Craig ME, Edge J, Glaser N, Jain V, Lee WWR, Mungai LNW, Rosenbloom AL, Sperling MA, Hanas R (2014).
Since alternative-investment holdings are not liquid, the proposed purchase amount cannot be included in the client's liquid net worth; rather, it must be taken out of the LNW value and included in amount of AI holdings.
lnw "We know that the tension in the stands is not going to go away in the short term.
Z([k.sub.m], [[theta].sub.n]) = 2[pi][[gamma].sub.mn] [square root of LNW ([k.sub.m], [[theta].sub.n])] (5)
The other two preferred bidders for the plain line (conventional) contracts are Babcock, which has won a five year contract valued at GBP200m to renew tracks in Western, Wales and Wessex / Scotland / LNW South; and Colas, which will deliver track renewal in Kent, Sussex / Anglia for GBP75m over five years.
Larry Scott, workforce development manager (LNW South), said "We were delighted that the business parks and HCB Hadens hosted the forum at our new site and I was pleased to give members a guided tour of the site on the day."
Ln(V/L) = [b.sub.0] + [b.sub.1] Lnw + [b.sub.2] Ln (K/L) + [b.sub.3] Ln(t) + [mu] (13)