LO2Liquid Oxygen (also seen as LOX)
LO2lowest oxygen saturation
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(d) The proliferation of LO2 with CCK8 assay and Western blot and analysis of P38, p- P38, PPAR[gamma], and RXRa.
Moreover, we determined TXNRD1 expression in HCC cells, and western blot assay suggested TXNRD1 protein level was upregulated in HCC cells compared to normal live cell LO2 (Figure 2(a)).
Normal human liver cells lines QSG-7701 and LO2 were plated at a density of 2 x [10.sup.4] cell/well in 96-well plates in 100 [micro]L of medium per well.
Also, post hoc analyses revealed statistically significant differences between Sco and silexan + Sco groups (p = 0.0001), Sco and LO1 + Sco groups (p = 0.0001), Sco and L02 + Sco groups (p = 0.0001), silexan + Sco and LO1 + Sco groups (p = 0.002) and no statistically significant differences between silexan + Sco and L02 + Sco groups (p = 0.067) and LO1 + Sco and LO2 + Sco groups (p = 0.175) for MDA level (Fig.
These remaining holes will be targeting areas of Golden Slipper Deeps and extensions of the LO1, LO2, LO3, Frodo and Karli West open pits to the north and south.
However, if [[omega].sub.IF1] is very high, the quadrature accuracy of LO2 signal is difficult to maintain and the output low-pass bandwidth of the RC load at the first-stage mixer is difficult to achieve [15].
Close-approaches by NEOs during 2011 Designation Date Miss distance 2011 (LD) (AU) 2009 BS5 11-Jan 03.4 0.0087 2000 AZ93 11-Jan 18.6 0.0477 2009 QH6 16-Feb 16.0 0.0411 2008 UC202 27-Apr 08.9 0.0228 2009 UK20 02-May 08.6 0.0220 2009 BD 02-Jun 00.9 0.0023 2004 LO2 15-Jun 9.9 0.0255 2009 WW104 23-Jun 15.3 0.0392 2002 EM7 01-Jul 11.0 0.0284 2007 RQ17 22-Jul 13.2 0.0340 2007 DD 23-Jul 09.3 0.0239 2007 TD 23-Sep 03.8 0.0097 2010 GM65 12-Oct 14.9 0.0383 2009 TM8 17-Oct 01.1 0.0028 2005 YU55 08-Nov 00.8 0.0022 2004 BG41 14-Dec 13.0 0.0335 2000 YA 26-Dec 02.9 0.0074 Key: Miss distance given in terms of lunar distances (LD), the average distance between the Earth and Moon (3.84 x [10.sup.5] km), as well as astronomical units (AU).
LO2 communicate information about our logistics activities across all units as a part of our value chain activities.
Furthermore, 'LO1' has relation with 'LO2' by an Association 'isbasedon'.
The distance between the two sets of coordinates is given by the following formula: acos(sin(la1) x sin(las) + cos(la1) x cos(la2) x cos(lo2 - lo1)) x 6370 x .62, where la1 and lo1 are the latitude and longitude (in radians) of the zip code centroid of the supplier plant and la2 and lo2 are the coordinates for the zip code centroid of downtown Detroit.
Frequency planning with respect to LO1 and LO2 may be required to find an area of operation free of DDS spurs and mixer intermodulation products.