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LOALength Overall (boat specification)
LOALaw of Attraction
LOAList of Activities (various organizations)
LOALack of Afro (band)
LOALeague of Angels (gaming)
LOALetter of Acceptance
LOALocation avec Option d'Achat (French: Rent with Option to Buy)
LOALeague of Assassins (gaming)
LOALady of America (fitness club chain)
LOALetter Of Authorization
LOALeave Of Absence
LOALibrary of America
LOALaboratory of Archaeology (Canada)
LOALitres of Alcohol (volume measurement)
LOALetter of Accommodation (disability; various schools)
LOALimit of Authority
LOALine of Argument
LOALetter of Appointment (various organizations)
LOALetter of Offer and Acceptance (US DoD)
LOALening Op Afbetaling (Dutch: Installment Loan)
LOALights on Afterschool (Afterschool Alliance)
LOALord of Arcana (video game)
LOALife of Agony
LOALetter of Amendment (various organizations)
LOALetter of Assist (US DoD)
LOALetter of Approval
LOALaw Office Administration (various schools)
LOALibrary Object Adapter
LOALevel of Assurance
LOAList of Acronyms
LOALocal Office on Aging
LOALetter of Authenticity (collectible memorabilia)
LOALegends of Aranna (game)
LOALength Over All
LOALevel of Articulation (computer graphics)
LOALaunch Operations Area (US NASA)
LOALoss of Appetite
LOALetter of Agency
LOALove One Another
LOALine of Accounting
LOALevel of Acculturation
LOALetter of Authority
LOALack of Attention
LOAList of Abbreviations
LOALernen Ohne Angst (German: Learn without Fear)
LOALords of Acid (band)
LOALighthouses of Australia, Inc. (est. 2002)
LOALaw of Averages
LOALetter Of Apology
LOALetter of Award (architects/developers and contractors)
LOALevel of Awareness
LOALevel of Abstraction (research)
LOALetter Of Appreciation
LOALogistics Operations Area
LOALibrary of Alexandria (game)
LOAList of Acronym(s)
LOALevel of Assessment
LOALeif Ove Andsnes (classical pianist)
LOALast of All
LOALinear Optical Amplifier (Genoa)
LOALevel Of Authority
LOALetters of Assurance
LOALysis of Adhesions (surgical procedure)
LOALimit of Advance
LOALodgment Operational Area (US DoD)
LOALine of Authority (insurance law)
LOALoss of Attachment (periodontal disease)
LOALogistics Officers Association (formerly Maintenance Officers Association)
LOALiving Out Allowance (housing)
LOALight Off Assessment
LOALegend of Ares (online game)
LOALetter of Admonishment
LOALogistics Over-the-Shore (LOTS) Operation Area (US DoD)
LOALoss of Alignment (SDH or Sonet Technology)
LOALetter of Administration
LOALine of Affiliation
LOALeft Occipito Anterior (fetal position)
LOALine of Appropriation
LOALove on Arrival (Dan Seals song)
LOALiefde op Afstand (Dutch: Love on Distance)
LOALead Operational Authority
LOALosers of America (gaming clan)
LOALocal Overseas Allowance
LOALegion Of Apocalypse (hacker group)
LOALight Observation Aircraft
LOALoan Officer Assistant
LOALoyal Orange Association (Canadian fraternal organization)
LOALeague of Awesomeness
LOALand of Atlantis (band)
LOALease-Option Agreement
LOALate Onset Asthma
LOALooseness of Association
LOALegacy of Assassins (PS3 clan)
LOALoss of Aircraft (logistics)
LOALimited Open Authorization
LOALimited Operational Availability
LOALeadership Opportunity Awards
LOALimited Operational Assessment
LOALetter of Abandonment
LOALesbians Of America
LOALength of Association
LOALink Occupancy Analysis
LOALords of Arograth (online game)
LOALetter Of Agreement/Acceptance
LOALimit of Allowance
LOALower Open Auxiliary
LOALead Out Advantage
LOALuck of Aleia (emo band)
LOALube Oil Additive
LOALocale Omroep Ameland (Dutch radio station)
LOALove of Anime
LOALords of Armageddon (gaming)
LOALove of Animals, Inc (Visalia, CA)
LOALeast Objectionable Activity (Big Bang Theory TV series)
LOALands of Acheron (Neverwinter Nights game server)
LOALogistics Operations Analysis (McHugh Software International)
LOALoss of Assist (automobiles)
LOALambs of Abortion (band)
LOALorry Owners Association (India)
LOALordz of Anarchy (gamer clan)
LOALeaf Over Axle (Motor Vehicle Suspension Design)
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He asserted optimism that the LOA would be signed and necessary payments made before 20 February 2018 to engender the commencement of production of the NAF's Super Tucano Aircraft.
LOA specializes in running pieces on modern-day miracles (especially Eucharistic miracles), recent Marian apparitions, enduring miracles (such as the Shroud of Turin, the Veil of Manoppello, and the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe), modern-day saints (Padre Pio, Canada's own Andre Bessette, Edith Stein, Gianna Molla), prominent converts to the Catholic faith (from atheism-Malcolm Muggeridge, Andre Frossard, Bernard Nathanson; from Protestantism--Cardinal Newman, Scott Hahn, Marcus Grodi, Paul Thigpen; from Judaism--Israel Zolli; from Islam--Rashid al-Maghribi), as well as historical pieces, articles on the culture wars, evolution, the dialogue between faith and science, modern addictions, and many other spiritual snares and afflictions that beset contemporary humanity.
Largest overall handicap winner: Wild Oats XI (2005) - LOA 30 metres (98 feet).
8 says that the purchaser may request performance warranties, which are provided and paid for on the LOA as a defense service.
On behalf of Medical and Underwriting Standing Committee of the LOA (MUSC)
In higher education, LOA is being imposed upon us by our accrediting bodies (Eaton, Fryshman, Hope, Scanlon, & Crow, 2005; Lingenfelter & Lenth, 2005; Nichols, 1991, 1995; Wergin, 2005).
This section defines when a resident is in a qualified LOA or has actually been discharged from the facility based on the Medicare regulations.
Contact your MACOM Force Modernization Office if you don't have a copy of the LOA and supply has asked you to pick up your assets from an installation supply point.
LOA was seen by many as a victory of Wilson's dream over a rival scheme favored by the Modern Language Association, but the series soon went in directions that Wilson never could have imagined.
With today's LOA, the company's total contracted backlog, including LOAs, is estimated at about USD5.
provides basic information describing some of the codes and language used on the LOA such as Source Codes, Availability Lead Time, Type of Assistance Codes, and Delivery Term Codes.
Race rules now set an maximum upper limit of overall length of no more than 30m LOA and a lower limit of not less than 9m LOA, and a waterline length (LWL) of not less than 7.