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Again I started the heavy load, and struggled on a few yards; again the whip came down, and again I struggled forward.
As she raked together what was left of the hay, the young wife shook off the bits of hay that had fallen on her neck, and straightening the red kerchief that had dropped forward over her white brow, not browned like her face by the sun, she crept under the cart to tie up the load. Ivan directed her how to fasten the cord to the cross-piece, and at something she said he laughed aloud.
Somebody's load has tipped off in the road-- Cheer for a halt and a row!
The modern steamship with her many holds is not loaded within the sailor-like meaning of the word.
We put old Redruth in the gallery between the cabin and the forecastle, with three or four loaded muskets and a mattress for protection.
He had driven his load half-way to the village when Jotham Powell overtook him, urging the reluctant sorrel toward the Flats.
During the halt Tess's eyes fell upon a three-pint blue mug, which was ascending and descending through the air to and from the feminine section of a household, sitting on the summit of a load that had also drawn up at a little distance from the same inn.
"Make your camels lie down in this open space," he said, "so that we can easily load them; then we will go to the treasure."
"You've got a right smart load as it is," said one of them; "and it's not me should tell you your business, but I wouldn't tote that tent along if I was you."
Stuart went forward with the first loads, and took his station at the head of the portage, while Mr.
And running still, Kama groaning on top the load, and Daylight leaping at the gee-pole to avoid going under the runners of the flying sled, they arrived at Dyea by the sea.
Next, the crate was carried out to an express wagon and loaded in along with a number of trunks.