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LOAELLowest Observed Adverse Effect Level
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A detailed investigation of rats and mouse NOAEL and the LOAEL data was conducted by Zarn et al.
("Absent a consensus on a LOAEL for soy protein and on levels of
If you had no LOAEL, you could use a Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level, or LOAEL.
For the LOAEL, the comparable population estimate was 19 million persons.
This prenatal exposure level may be considered as no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL) for the progeny and a dose of 4 mg/kg b.w./day as the lowest-observed-adverse-effect level (LOAEL) for the progeny.
The NOAEL/NOAEC (non-observed adverse effect level/concentration), or the LOAEL (lowest observed adverse effect level), preferably adopted on the basis of chronic toxicity studies, are typically used as the starting point.
If the relative susceptibility of humans and animals is unknown at the time of derivation of PTWI, the lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL) in the most sensitive species is used, which adds an uncertainty factor of 100.
EPA determined a LOAEL of 0.97 mg/[m.sup.3] from the Roels et al (33) study, based upon the findings of impaired neurobehavioural function in workers whose average Mn exposure was estimated by the geometric mean TWA of total airborne Mn dust at the time of the study.
The lowest concentration with observed adverse effects (LOAEL) in which rats show differences with respect to fetal body weight and anomalies in ribs development is 13 mg of Boron/day/kg of body weight.
The POD has traditionally been a No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) or Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level (LOAEL), although use of a statistically derived benchmark dose lower confidence limit (BMDL) is generally preferred (U.S.
Many of our risk assessments are for this reason based on benchmark doses, no-(adverse)-effect-levels (NOEL, NOAEL), lowest-(adverse)-effect levels (LOEL, LOAEL), points of departure, derived no-effect-levels (DNEL), reference doses (RfD), etc.