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LOANLocal Officials' Administration Network (sports)
LOANLight of Africa Network (Redding, CA)
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He had only to make the date at which the loan expired coincide with the date of his marriage, and there was his father-in-law's money at his disposal, or at his wife's disposal--which meant the same thing.
The Indian had thereupon asked to be informed of the best and safest person to apply to for the loan he wanted.
And yet--and here is the point, the custom, and the code--in the days of my prosperity, after the lapse of years, I have gone out of my way by many a long block to spend across Johnny Heinhold's bar deferred interest on the various loans.
In the meantime Miss Davidson was devising plans to repay the loan.
That was proved by the very handsome way in which he had behaved in the matter of a small loan when, looking in at the casino after parting from Ruth, he had found Mr Warden in sore straits for want of a little capital to back a brand-new system which he had conceived through closely observing the run of the play.
said the Wizard, "will somebody please loan me a handkerchief?
You are entirely and wholeheartedly welcome to the loan of any book on them.
He had worked on Bill's feelings so successfully as to elicit a loan of a million dollars, and was just proceeding to marry him to Elizabeth, when the cab stopped with the sudden sharpness peculiar to New York cabs, and he woke up, to find himself at his destination.
Instead of taking it, he politely places his winnings in her hand, and begs her to accept the loan as a favour to himself.
The loans it might be able to procure would be as limited in their extent as burdensome in their conditions.
The magnificent profits he made on the land he sold were turned into more land, into more development; and instead of paying off old loans, he contracted new ones.
Pierre received him unwillingly at first, but got used to him after a while, sometimes even accompanied him on his carousals, and gave him money under the guise of loans.