LOBPLube Oil Blending Plant
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The LOBP of this company, which is a subsidiary of the Mercu Buana group, is a small plant with an annual capacity of only 24,000 kiloliters.
However, small capacity LOBP such as that of Dirga Buana Sarana seems to be allowed a priority.
The company's LOBP has been producing lube oils with two different formulas: Unocal Lubricant Blending Technology and Valvoline Lubricant Formulation.
Besides the three LOBPs, Pertamina also operates one grease plant, which is located in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.
Base oil needed by Pertamina for its LOBP this would total 305,080 kl this year, and 29% or 88,700 kl of which are imported.
Table - 1 Production projection of Pertamina's LOBPs, 1999/2000
As for grease, Pertamina produces 14 different grades of it at its Jakarta LOBP.