LOCAMLogistics Cost Analysis Model
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1b (Jackson and Avedisian, 1994) depicts a free-floating burning droplet from one frame of a sequence for an n-heptane droplet ([C.sub.7][H.sub.16], boiling point of 98 [degrees]C) obtained from a high speed 16 mm LOCAM II movie camera operated at 200 frames per second.
LOCAM is commonly used as knowledge acquisition tool to meet diverse process planning in integrated fashion and minimum time.
Em casa, os filhos brincam de escola (o cuidador no papel de professor) ou de medico; jogam bola ou andam de velotrol; brincam de boneca ou com outros tipos de brinquedos; veem televisao, locam filmes.
Mainly Universities (Amaitik & Kilic, 2005; Amaitik & Kilic, 2007; Liu et al., 2004; Sharma et al., 2002) and some companies have a solution based on STEP AP 224 in place (LOCAM, STEP Tools, SCRA (SCRA, 2006)).
LOCAM is designed to capture, organise and exploit a company's manufacturing knowledge.