LOCKMARTLockheed Martin
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We editorialized about these changes last month and had some in-depth conversations about LockMart's plans--to the extent they either had plans or were able to talk about them--with company representatives in a May 2005 article.
The most frustrating thing I and many others have experienced in the wake of LockMart's consolidation is the excruciating hold times encountered when one actually needs to talk to a human to file, open or close a flight plan.
After a months-long process involving bidding and protesting, LockMart was declared the winner and began to take possession of the FAA's pre-flight planning and in-flight support apparatus for general aviation.
LockMart said that the closures are the result of improvements to the nationwide network coupled with a reduction in the amount of general aviation pilots seeking use of the FSS system.
According to a spokewoman, when LockMart realized the FS21 upgrade was "unstable," they reverted to the backup system known as AISR (Aeronautical Information System Replacement).
Lockmart has just cleanly finished the job (see "Just Let AFSS Fade Away" on page 15).
Pilots are complaining about the condition of the LockMart Flight Service system.
Perhaps Lockmart realized that they are a tad bit overwhelmed be cause they recommended to the FAA that they don't take over DUATS.