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LOCMLaw of Conservation of Matter (energy)
LOCMLower of Cost or Market (inventory valuation)
LOCMLow Osmolar Contrast Material
LOCMLow Osmolality Contrast Media
LOCMLack of Cohesion of Methods (software metrics)
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Los LOCM precalificados se incorporan en un listado de laboratorios de referencia para realizar controles de moni toreo de calidad a los medicamentos que se adquieren a traves de las agencias de las Naciones Unidas.
Para evaluar el grado de adopcion de dichos documentos, se realizo una encuesta en linea al personal tecnico de los LOCM sobre la utilizacion del Documento de Autoevaluacion de Buenas Practicas de Laboratorio (BPL) (Documento Tecnico No.
Incubation of HK-2 cells with HoCm, LOCM, and IOCM at concentrations of 75 and 100mgI/mL for up to 3h did not result in caspase-3 cleavage [26].
have demonstrated that both LOCM and IOCM caused a marked increase in caspases-3 and -9 activities and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase fragmentation in HEK293 cells; no effect was observed by them on caspase-8 and -10, thus indicating that the RCM activated apoptosis mainly through the intrinsic pathway [10].
Thus, the LOCM, iopromide, generates much more diuresis than the IOCM, iodixanol, and does, thereby, prevent a major increase in urine viscosity even in animals that are not well hydrated (Figure 3(b)) 39].
Taken together, the higher osmolality of LOCM as compared to IOCM bears the advantage of preventing excessive urine viscosity levels.
included 929 patients receiving either HOCM or LOCM when undergoing diagnostic angiocardiography or contrast enhanced body CT [40].
They found no advantage of LOCM over HOCM in the setting of CIN with I.
The IOCM (iodixanol, Visipaque) was compared to a LOCM (iohexol, Omnipaque) with the primary endpoint of CIAKI defined as a >0.
What followed the publication of the NEPHRIC trial in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2003 can aptly be described as a "war" Manufacturers of LOCM other than the one studied in the NEPHRIC trial immediately set to work to replicate or repudiate the finding using their own LOCM.