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LOCMLaw of Conservation of Matter (energy)
LOCMLower of Cost or Market (inventory valuation)
LOCMLow Osmolar Contrast Material
LOCMLow Osmolality Contrast Media
LOCMLack of Cohesion of Methods (software metrics)
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Se realizo un estudio observational descriptivo en el que se evaluaron los diagnosticos efectuados por el PCEC sobre la actividad de los 28 LOCM de la Region y resultados de los ensayos de control externo de desempeno efectuados en el marco del programa, la capacitacion de recursos humanos, el apoyo brindado por la Red PARF a los LOCM que aspiran a precalificar como Laboratorios de Referencia de las Agencias de las Naciones Unidas, y los resultados obtenidos.
The incidence of allergy-like reactions to LOCMs is relatively rare, with estimates in the range of 0.2-3.1%.
The low osmolality achieved with the IOCM has come at the price of considerably increased viscosity; at comparable iodine concentrations and X-ray attenuation, the nonionic dimeric IOCM have about twice the viscosity of nonionic monomeric LOCM [63, 78, 79].
[29] reported that LOCM induced more markedly direct toxic effect on tubular epithelial cells than IOCM.
[22], using cultured smooth muscle cells obtained from rat renal artery, HOCM and LOCM but not IOCM were found to lower NO levels.
Use of nonionic or low-osmolar contrast media (LOCM) instead of ionic or high-osmolar contrast media (HOCM) has profound economic consequences because of the cost differential.
LOCS 5 MAPS and other cartographic items cataloged at LC 1968-and LOCM some other research libraries 1985-, Atlases (which are books) are in LOCI and PREM.
Los Laboratorios Oficiales de Control de Medicamentos (LOCM), adscriptos a una ARN, son un eslabon fundamental para asegurar la calidad de dichos medicamentos.
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to document the incidence of CIN in patients undergoing contrast enhanced CT Scans (CECT) with low osmolar contrast media (LOCM) and thereby, to assess the safety of LOCM in such patients.
Although their osmolalities are actually still higher than these of plasma, these compounds are referred to as low-osmolar CM (LOCM).