LOCOMLaw of Conservation of Mass (physics)
LOCOMLower of Cost or Market (inventory valuation method/rule)
LOCOMLake Oswego Communications (Oregon emergency dispatch)
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The relationship between the LTAT and the LMAT must remain strong, synchronized, and ready to achieve the overall training objectives that support the LOCOM.
45) afirmam, ainda, que a utilizacao do LOCOM abre uma possibilidade para as empresas manipularem os seus resultados.
Tax savings under LIFO may be partially offset by restoring LOCOM adjustments.
In spite of several unresolved issues, the disparities among industries, the differences in recognizing unrealized gains and unrealized losses, and the lack of even-handedness of the LOCOM method are eliminated by SFAS 115.
Presently, passive investments in MES are accounted for using the LOCOM method.