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LOCOMOTIVELogistics Chain Multidimensional Design Toolbox with Environmental Assessment
LOCOMOTIVELow-Cost Moving Symbols Recognition through Intelligent Vision Engineering
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Whether going up or down, the locomotive is always at the lower end of the train.
One expected to see the locomotive pause, or slack up a little, and approach this plunge cautiously, but it did nothing of the kind; it went calmly on, and went it reached the jumping-off place it made a sudden bow, and went gliding smoothly downstairs, untroubled by the circumstances.
By the time one reaches Kaltbad, he has acquired confidence in the railway, and he now ceases to try to ease the locomotive by holding back.
"'Hell of a way to stop a locomotive,' I complained at Seth, as I climbed down on to the right of way.
"'What are you stopping this locomotive for?' I demanded in Spanish.
But next time you want a ride don't flag a locomotive between stations.' She followed along; but when I got to the step and turned to give her a lift-up, she wasn't there.
I raced on the heels of the Master Mechanic, carrying one of his babies for him, for the locomotives that was just pulling out.
For two days and nights this express car was dragged along at the tail of shrieking locomotives; and for two days and nights Buck neither ate nor drank.
It rushes across the turnpike road, where there is no gate, no policeman, no signal: nothing but a rough wooden arch, on which is painted 'WHEN THE BELL RINGS, LOOK OUT FOR THE LOCOMOTIVE.' On it whirls headlong, dives through the woods again, emerges in the light, clatters over frail arches, rumbles upon the heavy ground, shoots beneath a wooden bridge which intercepts the light for a second like a wink, suddenly awakens all the slumbering echoes in the main street of a large town, and dashes on haphazard, pell-mell, neck-or-nothing, down the middle of the road.
They said that old Windpeter stood up on the seat of his wagon, raving and swearing at the onrushing locomotive, and that he fairly screamed with delight when the team, maddened by his inces- sant slashing at them, rushed straight ahead to cer- tain death.
The two puny things standing between them seemed already lost, but at the very moment that the beasts were upon them the man grasped his companion by the arm and together they leaped to one side, while the frenzied creatures came together like locomotives in collision.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Railways is planning to rehabilitate as many as 119 old diesel electric locomotives, laying of new and upgrade existing tracks on Public Private Partnership and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis.