LODGLodge (street suffix)
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Now when fair Morn Orient in Heav'n appeerd Up rose the Victor Angels, and to Arms The matin Trumpet Sung: in Arms they stood Of Golden Panoplie, refulgent Host, Soon banded; others from the dawning Hills Lookd round, and Scouts each Coast light-armed scoure, Each quarter, to descrie the distant foe, Where lodg'd, or whither fled, or if for fight, In motion or in alt: him soon they met Under spred Ensignes moving nigh, in slow But firm Battalion; back with speediest Sail ZEPHIEL, of Cherubim the swiftest wing, Came flying, and in mid Aire aloud thus cri'd.
As several rival groups made moves o buy the stricken club, deposed owner Whyte claims he formed his own consortium and made Green his frontman, the papers lodged at the High Court in London state.
Header BATTLE J Whyte lodged court papers, above, accusing Ticketus of reneging on deal
LEGAL FIGHT J Court papers lodged in Whyte's battle with Ticketus.
"When I saw him lying there, he was totally perfect - but dead." The real story of Burke and Hare starts with the death in Hare's lodg ing house of "Old Donald".
The first was in Lodg e Lane, near the end of Tiber Street, where I attended school in front of a real brick church.
A HOLLY tree in Atherstone could be felled under a planning application lodged with borough councillors.
In his view, foreign affairs are "executive" by definition; therefore, his general principle that the Constitution lodges legislative, executive, and judicial powers in separate governmental entities dictated a presumption that all authority over foreign affairs is vested in the President.(38) The corollary--that textually mandated exceptions to the rule of executive exclusivity are "to be construed strictly"--presumably follows both because it is necessary to give real force to his general rule of executive exclusivity,(39) and on the basis of expressio unius est exclusio alterius.