LODHLombard Odier Darier Hentsch (Swiss bank)
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For its part, LODH says SRI criteria were factored into its financial research in 1997 and the bank says it is proud of "a long-standing tradition" of supporting sustainable development projects since its founding in 1796:
org): Swiss asset management signatories include Ethos, LODH, Pictet, SAM and Sarasin
We are convinced that building on our strong presence in the life sciences by adding the expertise of Pequot Ventures' managers and broadening the investment focus of our LODH Immunology Fund to include non-biotechnology health care companies will result in significant benefits for our clients and our firm's life sciences related products.
Pequot Ventures will assume responsibility for the venture capital and private equity positions in the LODH Immunology Fund by year-end 2004.