LODSLocation Discovery Service
LODSLoad String
LODSLogistic Organ Dysfunction System
LODSLink Out of Delay Synchronization
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"A good lod, Jamie," he commented, "but a stiff one ot carryun' on.
"We were able to demonstrate that Pebble Beach Systems' Orca had the maturity to meet our needs," said Jean-Louis Lods, Director of Business Development at DMC.
To avoid confusion the use of the term "analytical sensitivity" is discouraged and it is recommended rather to use limit of the blank (LoB) and limit of detection (LoD) when discussing the detection capability of a measurement system (6, 7).
Because each laboratory uses a laboratory-developed test to detect MRD by flow cytometry, we expected some heterogeneity in the LODs of the MRD assays.
A total of two different trajectories were presented for the different LODs (zones 1 and 6) (Figure 2).
LODs were determined daily: BPS urine (0.01-0.02 ng/mL) and BPS serum (0.002-0.01 ng/mL).
Several studies have shown differences in 99th percentiles among men and women, especially for hs cardiac troponin assays with the ability to measure cardiac troponin concentrations above the limit of detection (LoD) of the assay in >50% of normal study participants (Table 2).
All urinary metabolite concentrations < LOD were set to 0.0 except for the analyses of intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) or if ln-transformation was used; in these cases, data < LOD were set to LOD divided by the square root of 2.
We considered fetal DNA to be present in the maternal plasma or urine if the fetal DNA percentage was above the limit of detection (LOD).