LOEALower East Side Tenement Museum (US National Park Service)
LOEALimit Of Enemy Advance
LOEALake Oswego Education Association (Oregon)
LOEALocal Observation Entry and Archival
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The Loea radios enabled us to make a standard Windows network, which simplified the approach to building the application and transferring data from the DCUs to the central database.
Each AP consists of a Loea high-speed wireless radio, an 802.11g local network, and a health monitoring system to ensure that the AP is working properly.
Loea transceivers offer data rates of up to 1.25Gb/s, which will provide sufficient bandwidth for next-generation wireless backhaul including 3G/4G wireless systems, WiMAX and other advanced protocols, the company claims.
On October 16, 2003, barely two years after Loea's original petition, the FCC wrote the new rules into law, opening up 12.9 GHz of new spectrum under Part 101 regulations.
The two leading proponents of the 70 and 80 GHz bands are Loea Corp.
Loea's fiberless technology originally was developed for military use with passive millimeter wave cameras, which allow planes and helicopters to see through fog.
"Loea's ultra broadband technology allows any building to have an incredibly high-speed network, without having to lay fiber or create a whole new infrastructure," Slaughter said.
If all goes well, in four years Loea expects to be doing about 500 installations per month at roughly $20,000 per installation, and to have annual revenues greater than $150 million.
In the two years since incorporation, Loea has gone through about 10 different generations of the wireless links (which transfer 1.2 gigabits per second), but is finally ready to commercialize its latest version.
This year's theme, "Ka 'Uhane o ka Loea: The Spirit of the Master:' acknowledges ancient Hawaiian masters and showcases contemporary Island artists and artisans who, through their work, preserve the cultural heritage of Hawai'i.
in joint Federal, State & private sector Kauai Technology Center now in Phase II construction) One short year from now, early 2003, Kauai expects to have 300 techies and scientists employed by dozen companies, including Solipsys (software, networking, sensors), Loea (IT, high-speed wireless communications -- with especially promising products for Hawaii visitor industry as well), Trex, SAIC (IT services), MIT Lincoln Labs (advanced electronics technology), Digital System Resources, Cambridge Research, Textron plus Kauai offices of Oahu-based STI, Oceanit, RCUH.
announced the formation of Maui-based subsidiary Loea Communications Corp.