LOECLowest Observed Effect Concentration (toxicology)
LOECLowest Observable Effective Concentration
LOECLoss of Earnings Capacity (Australia)
LoECLower-Edge Cell
LOECList Of Effective Cards
LOECLlanrug Outdoor Education Centre (outdoor education; Caernarfon, Wales, UK)
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In soil test, Probit analysis was used to find out the LC50 values and also for the calculation of NOEC and LOEC, student's t-test and p-test were performed.
2007) mentioned in their study the values of NOEC and LOEC to be 5.
Abbreviations: LOEC, lowest observed effective concentration.
In our study we limited ourselves to the second aspect that reinforces our results confirming the higher toxicity of Indoxacarb compared to bifenazate and by determining LOEC, NOEC and IR.
The LOEC and NOEC levels for algal supernatant were different in the third test from the first two tests conducted.
The LOEC and NOEC determined for Virkon S for Aquaculture in both tests conducted was 0.
101) According to Henry Butler, the Director of LOEC at University of Kansas, the Conference of Chief Justices approved his programs.
2+] homeostasis," values shown are LOEC for effects causing a decrease of > 25% in the specific [Ca.
The NOECs and LOECs for adult survival also varied depending on the OM content and pH level of the artificial soils (Table 2).