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LOELLowest Observed Effect Level
LOELLowest Observable Effect Level (EPA)
LOELLimited Online Exploitation Licence (online business)
LOELLaughing Out Extremely Loud
LOELLoss of Enjoyment of Life (law)
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LOEL KIM is an assistant professor at the University of Memphis, where she teaches and does research in composition studies and professional writing.
THE LARGE wineries SODAP and LOEL have agreed to take in more grapes to try to help vine growers offload their huge surplus this year, it emerged yesterday.
These exceptions were attributed to one of several causes: a) there were only four doses available and the group size was only six animals, which introduced variation and uncertainty; b) in several cases, the LOEL occurred only at the highest dose and the absolute response was small, leaving only this one responsive dose in the BMD calculation, also introducing variation and uncertainty; and c) the TP-stimulated baseline was variable at the lower doses (i.
The stones decimated of a large area of locally owned vineyards, as well as land belonging to the KEO and LOEL wine producers.
The LOEL for the number and area of TEBs occurred at a lower dose than in CD-1 females.