LOEOLegislative Office of Education Oversight (education policy review; Ohio)
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of the LOEO. (6) In a state where charter schools have been associated with greed and corruption and low test scores from the beginning, the legislature shifted all oversight of the state's $426-million-a-year charter experiment from the Ohio Department of Education to, among others, an orphanage in Cincinnati, an apostolic church in Hamilton, a federal housing contractor in Columbus, an African American cultural center in Cleveland, and a county educational service center in Youngstown.
Teresa Fedor, a former teacher, has introduced a bill to restore LOEO's funding, but the Cleveland Plain Dealer says, "Fedor probably has an uphill fight on her hands." (8)
Given LOEO's inability to find charter school data, one wonders how the schools received any grade at all.
Friends in Ohio have advised me that, if or when the LOEO delivers a report that displeases the legislature, the legislature starts wondering if they need the LOEO.
The LOEO could not make all the comparisons it wanted to, but among the ones it could make, most (270 of 415) showed no significant difference between charters and regular public schools.
Since the study, some bugs have been worked out in the calculations, and, according to LOEO, the earliest possible schedule for actually using the new poverty indicator to distribute DPIA funds would be fiscal year 2004.
The most recent report from Ohio's Legislative Office for Educational Oversight (LOEO) had this to say about charters, called "community schools" in Ohio, and EMOs:
LOEO found that community schools benefit significantly from the assistance of management companies in areas such as financial management, curriculum development, teacher inservices, and general support and guidance.
The Legislative Office of Education Oversight (LOEO) assessed the planning and implementation of Ohios Education Management Information System (EMIS).