LOERLive Oak Emerald Regime (marching band and color guard; California)
LOERLake Okeechobee and Estuary Recovery (Florida)
LOERLaboratory for Oceanographic and Environmental Research (Texas A & M University, Galveston)
LOERLeague of Extraordinary Runners
LOERLowest-Observed-Effect Residue (toxicity)
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Li reisl'oi sovent loer. Soventes feiz la salua; de ses aveirs li enveia.
Doing so can earn you the friend, or een loer, of a lifetime.
This is an excellent ridgewalk with the view left down into Cwm Loer especially worthy of note.
As stated by Loer and Schwartz, "To maintain a powerful pulse in our lives, we must learn how to rhythmically spend and renew energy." There are several tools that are helpful in maintaining that "pulse." First and foremost, it is essential to establish "clear-seeing" of our situation.
Le fiertre covrent d'une here, Ceo signe ke de joie volent trere, Ne volent (seinte) Osith plus loer Kar par semblant la hu n'ad cher, Ou lermes e ou plaintes funt Asez saver ke il au quer unt, [E] seinte Osith vunt chalengant K'en cest surfet est si suffrant.
Loer ANNUAL SALES: $22 million EMPLOYEES: 35 FOUNDED: 1977
Says Amant: "'Je me veil loer ou blasmer/ au daerrain de bien aimer'" (3077-78) ["'I want to be praised or blamed, at the end, for having loved well'"].
The holdout procedure or leave-one-out method (LOER) is one of several methods of cross-validation.
The authors acknowledge the support of Andre Loer and Sylvia Nomden (doctoral students) for their explorations in this case study and the contributions of Victor van Reijen, the head of planning of this factory.
Herman and research associates Deborah Loer, Andy Kalinski, and Daniel Rowley are taking apart genes that tell cells to make the membrane proteins.
Loer et al., "Extrinsic and intrinsic pathways of apoptosis in aseptic loosening after total hip replacement," Biomaterials, vol.