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The study watershed is located in the gully region of the Loess Plateau and in the middle reaches of the Yellow River.
PF[C.sup.2D] particles flow analysis program is used to establish the loess mesoscopic numerical simulation model of splitting grouting, grout inspection coupling environment splitting, diffusion regularity, and comparing with the results of indoor model test and analysis.
The terrain is dominated by the gully region of the Loess Plateau and belongs to the temperate continental monsoon climate.
The electromagnetic waves propagate in the loess samples and reach the bottom of the sample after the travel time [DELTA]t.
The stratigraphic structure of the study area successively from the new to the old is [Q.sub.4]eol (Mu Us formation), Q3 (Salawusu formation), Miocene series (Lishi formation, the Loess), Pliocene series (Red clay), Jurassic Zhiluo formation, and Yan'an formation.
Present research was conducted at a site where soil is developed on loess (Fig.
The developed method is applied for the storage volume of the internet data center; meanwhile the results of some reference methods, such as the Piecewise Median Underlying (PMU) method, the local regression smoothing (Loess) method, and the Moving Average (MA) smoothing method, are also given.
The loess used in the test was collected from Heping Town in Ningxia Province at a depth of 2-3 m.
The study of the ground motion effect in loess areas is an issue of growing interest in recent years.
Keywords: Biochar; Ryegrass; Soil amendment; Water stress; Loess plateau
The rugged bluffs of the Mississippi River Valley in northeastern Iowa and the narrow band of Loess hills bordering the Missouri River out west have enough timber to hold mature bucks in numbers.
Council Bluffs, Iowa -- The Loess Hills District American Viticultural Area along the western borders of Iowa and Missouri became official April 4.