LOEULynx Operational Evaluation Unit
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"Khouy Thoeun ,Srey Loeu Senchey village Like Thoeun, Chhun Saroeun, 54, and his wife are happy because they are confident that their land will not be taken away from them now that they possess a land title.
In the context of democratic transition and post-war development, the gifts given are designed to increase the dependence of recipients on the good will of the tnak loeu and to promote the power of the anyator mouletaan (local authorities) in mediating that relationship, rather than to promote local ownership or participation.
This is effected by erecting an opposition between the comforts of 'tradition'--conceptualized as hierarchy, deference and acquiescence to political direction by personally known leaders--and the threats of 'modernity'--conceptualized in the form of the firepower and technology prevalent in the world of the tnak loeu, in which the humble villager cannot hope to survive as an individual without backing (khnong) or connections (khsae).
However, this bluff can be successful on occasion, particularly in remote areas where local officials are themselves unlikely to be very familiar with the operations of the tnak loeu, and unwilling to take the chance of higher institutions becoming involved.
He said police arrested 12 Vietnamese nationals and confiscated evidence, including six items of machinery, after they had illegally cleared forest land in the O'Tayak area of Taveng district's Taveng Loeu commune.
The owners of the houses were identified as Nhan Loeu, 53; Proeum Kong, 24; Pheav Nob, 58; and Soeum Sorn, 54.
Earlier in March, the company agreed with the government to carve out 825ha of land from its economic land concession in Sre Ambel district's Chikhor Loeu commune.
On Monday, Chamkar Loeu district's police chief, Kheng Sreng, said it was coincidence that he saw his old friends sleeping and took the pictures.
In a separate instruction letter signed by Kosal, Major Yu Pirun, Chamkar Loeu district deputy chief, who is in charge of judicial affairs, will assume the role of acting Chamkar Loeu district police chief, replacing Sreng.