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LOFARLow Frequency Array
LOFARLow Frequency Analysis and Recording
LOFARLow Frequency Acquisition And Ranging
LOFARLow Frequency Analysis and Ranging
LOFARLow Frequency Analyzer & Recorder
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The LOFAR telescope consists of a European network of radio antennas, connected by a high-speed fibre-optic network spanning seven countries.
"LOFAR allows us to detect many more of these sources and understand what is powering them."
LOFAR inventor Prof George Miley, who has collaborated with cosmologist Stephen Hawking, revealed he'd been fascinated with alien life since he seen HG Wells' War Of The Worlds at the age of eight.
But during thunderstorms, LOFAR researchers found, particle showers had distinct radio polarization signatures because the storm clouds' electric fields redirected the electrons.
Wendy Williams (2006 and 2007), continues working towards her PhD on the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) and LOFAR observations of radio galaxies at the University of Leiden.
Radio astronomers are constructing the low frequency array (LOFAR), an international partnership led by The Netherlands.
The book concludes with the latest development of this technique through the description of the current 'big beasts' of radio astronomy: LOFAR, ALMA and the SKA.
The first stage of the European Low Frequency Array (Lofar) telescope involves 96 radio antennae being erected this week in a field at the Chilbolton Observatory near Andover, Hampshire.
The Low Frequency Array (Lofar) programme uses large sheets of metal and, rather than moving a dish to pinpoint particular points in the sky, the sheets pick up radio waves from all over the sky.
One of the first of the new-generation telescopes is the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) being built in the Netherlands.