LOFELaw of Federal Employment (military law)
LOFELow Order Far End (block error)
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schedyng owt blood & watyr for hir lofe & hir saluacyon.
I schal sey to the, myn owyn blyssed spowse, "Welcome to me wyth al maner of joye and gladness, her to dwellyn wyth me and nevyr to departyn fro me wythowtyn ende, but evyr to dwellyn wyth me in joy and blysse, whech non eye may se, ne eer heryn [ear hear], ne tunge telle, ne non hert thynkyn, that I have ordeynd for the and for alle my servawntys the which desyryn to lofe [love] me and plesyn [please] me as thu dost." (1198-1205)
& perfor pu mayst boldly take me in be armys of pi sowle & kyssen my mowth, myn hed, & my fete as swetly as thow wylt &, as oftyn-tymes as pu thynkyst on me er woldyst don any good dede to me, pu sehalt haue be same mede in Heuyn as 3yf pu dedist it to myn owyn preeyows body wheeh is in Heuyn, for I aske no mor of be but bin hert for to louyn me pat louyth be, for my lofe is euyr redy to pe.
But we got nearly unanimous approval, thanks in large part to LOFE. They convinced the town that there was a need for this type of housing in Wenham."
Chastyte (& continens) py flayshly lustys wyl sone [ende] perefore lofe chastyte and now pe am [ende] Lechery rydyng apon a gote As long as my tyme doth here ...
It is a tradition that AElfric seems somewhat reluctant to acknowledge fully, saying only that "se godes apostol weard syddan geferod to syrian lande mid micelre arwurdnysse bam aelmihtigan to lofe se pe on ecnysse rixad riclice mihtig" [The apostle of God was carried to Syrian land afterwards with great honor to the praise of the Almighty who reigns in eternity gloriously mighty] (424).
Uton a sibbe to him on pas hwilnan tid haelu secan, paet we mid swa leofne in lofe motan to widan feore wuldres neotan.
Child labour is higher among boys, in rural areas and in agriculture sector, In terms of educational outcomes, school lofe expectancy for child labourers is lower than other children, School attendance gap between child labourers and other children is 48% in the 15-17 years old age range where 58% of child labour cases is found, 39% of young people 15-24 years old have either no education or attended up to the primary level only, Youth unemployment stands at 17%, three times more than that of adults, 25% of the youth are not in employment, education or traning
D.830; 465,1) Aend ic cype eow paet ic hebbe bicwe[eth]en Portland 7 eall [thorn]aet [eth]erto bily[eth] in to Gealden Mynstre on Wyncheastre Gode to lofe 7 Sancte Petre 7 Sancte Suunthune [thorn]am monekan to scrudan ...
While Gogol's demonstrable proclivity for outright lying in letters makes this a somewhat dubious practice at best, this letter is taken from a period of Gogol's lofe in which his pronouncements were more of an exaggerated nature than of a fabricated one.
Specification: Dia: 3 Inch, Weight - 195-205 Gms, 1,3,5 - Trichloro - 1,3,5 - Trience 85-90 W/W, Water Soluble Rinners 10-15 Percent W/W Pigment 0.2 - 0.5 Percent W/W, Self Lofe 8 To 12 Months.