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Loff is going to be an attending physician at Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee, Florida.
(19) Manuel Loff, "La politica cultural de los 'Estados nuevos' espanol y portugues (1936-1945): tradicionalismo, modernidad y confesionalizacion," Revista de Qccidente 223 (1999): 45.
We thank the following people in the Western Cape Government Department of Health for providing us with data for this research: Krish Vallabhj ee, Ian de Vega, Lesley Shand, Wendy Bryant, Rashida Adam, Nadine Ross and Adam Loff. We also thank Peter Raubenheimer, Tracey Naledi, David Coetzee, Lilian Dudley, Stephan Fourie, Lyn Hanmer and Suzette Munro for providing technical support, and Justin Harvey, Roderick Machekano and Nesbert Zinyakatira for statistical support.
The ingrained habit of replacing "a" with "o" (man becomes mon, rat is rot, laugh is loff) is a clear relic of Old English.
Mental and general health problems are pervasive and well-documented (Loff 2002; Newman et al.
(44) 1,00 [+ ou -] 0,06 1,03 [+ ou -] 0,11 (1993) 61,7 [+ ou -] 8,7 63,3 [+ ou -] 8,5 Loff et al.