LOFSLakes of the Four Seasons (Crown Point, Indiana)
LOFSLoopback File System
LOFSLOopback virtual File System
LOFSLease Out for Signature
LOFSLife of Field Seismic (oilfields)
LOFSLicensed Operator in Front Seat (drivers license)
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But she do push dze zide of my face, and my lof is durned to hate.'
Therefore, the LOFs with fewer swaps are more preferable than other LOFs.
Therefore, the generated LOFs were classified into the following four categories after being scored: hub to hub, hub to spoke, spoke to hub, and spoke to spoke.
The aircraft with maintenance were assigned with LOFs, and the recovery network remained the same.
An algorithm was developed with AARM to determine the input LOFs of the ARN construction in Section 3.2.
Finally, in relation to the capital factor, the literature shows that one of the main problems faced by LOFs stems from the lack of their own resources for financing operations.
Differences arising from the objective function, and from the labour and capital factors, obviously have certain implications for LOFs' operating efficiency and competitiveness (Morales, et al.
Petrunia, 2008) that include the economic sector to which the firm belongs, the year of operation, and the 1997 law on LOFs. Further details on the rationale for the use, estimation and definition of these variables, as well as a compilation of the existing literature on the various hypotheses, appear in Melgarejo (2008).
The results found for the evaluation of firm performance gains in LOFs and PCFs have important implications and conceptual considerations.
There has been no exploration of the structural relationships between the LOF and checklist items specifically for children and adolescents.
The LOF and PPP scales are described as originally scored in Tables 1 and 2.
TABLE 1--Level of Functioning Scales (N = 5,000) Functional Domain M SD LOF 1--feeling/mood/affect 32.77 7.78 LOF 2--thinking/mental processes 22.35 8.58 LOF 3--medical/physical 17.30 6.48 LOF 4--substance use 16.27 8.40 LOF 5--family/living 36.69 7.81 LOF 6--interpersonal relations 28.43 9.08 LOF 7--role performance 26.83 9.30 LOF 8--social/legal 23.40 10.58 LOF 9--self-care/basic needs 17.06 6.00