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LOFTLine-Oriented Flight Training
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LOFTLiving Our Faith Together
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LOFTLeave on for Trial
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Why, one morning there came a quantity of people and set to work in the loft. The trunks were moved, the tree was pulled out and thrown--rather hard, it is true--down on the floor, but a man drew him towards the stairs, where the daylight shone.
And the Tree beheld all the beauty of the flowers, and the freshness in the garden; he beheld himself, and wished he had remained in his dark corner in the loft; he thought of his first youth in the wood, of the merry Christmas-eve, and of the little Mice who had listened with so much pleasure to the story of Humpy-Dumpy.
Only Friar Tuck leaned over the edge of the choir loft and called out to him ere he had gone, "Good den, Sir Knight.
"How sayst thou?" roared Tuck from the choir loft. "No priest?
"If you didn't see him, how do you know he was in the loft?"
And he had had a swift vision of his mother and brothers and sisters, their multitudinous wants, the house with its painting and repairing, its street assessments and taxes, and of the coming of children to him and Genevieve, and of his own daily wage in the sail-making loft. But the next moment the vision was dismissed, as such warnings are always dismissed, and he saw before him only Genevieve, and he knew only his hunger for her and the call of his being to her; and he accepted calmly her calm assumption of his life and actions.
It was but a loft partitioned into two compartments, where they were to rest, but they were well pleased with their lodging and had hoped for none so good.
"It's only a sort of loft, reached by a ladder, said Nolan.
Halfway up the high wall there was a rude timber platform under the upper window, a small loft which was more like a large shelf.
That loft up there is a sort of lumber room without any lumber.
Your loft or attic can be the single largest storage space in the home.
Most every metropolitan city now boasts loft space, typically in the most creative and alternative neighborhoods.