LOGBLeader of Government Business (Cayman Islands)
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FWO plots between logb and 1000 T-1/K for each thermal degradation step at several degree of conversion for MPH and AMPH are shown in Fig.
Since, on the other hand, the logarithm of a product of m components is equal to the sum of the logarithms of all the components (i.e., log(A x B x C x ...x Z) = logA + logB + logC +...+ logZ), in case of the multiplicative "Gestaltungsprinciple", the logarithms of all the random variables now take the same role of random variables that are taken for a additive principle by the values themselves.
log ([B.sub.1] / [B.sub.2]) = alog ([R.sub.1] / [R.sub.2]) + logb
log ([Play.sub.Pass] / [Play.sub.Rush]) = alog ([Yard.sub.Pass] / [Yard.sub.Rush]) + logb
loe([B.sub.1]/[B.sub.2]) = s*log([r.sub.1]/[r.sub.2]) + logb, (1)