LOGCAPLogistics Civil Augmentation Program (US DoD)
LOGCAPLogistics Command Assessment of Projects
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Halliburton echoed the army's claims that the termination of the LOGCAP contract did not reflect on the company's performance.
Army Corps of Engineers, working construction and civil engineer projects; the Defense Contracting Management Agency (DCMA), coordinating LOGCAP support; and Special Operations contracting teams, working various missions throughout the country, were among other key contracting players in Iraq, each operating independently with little interaction and coordination between organizations.
Vice-President Cheney's ex-company Halliburton is no stranger to the LOGCAP contracts, of to the Middle East.
68] The Army is pleased with the results of the LOGCAP and follow-on efforts putting such services in the private sector.
LOGCAP was developed based on the Army's experience during the Vietnam War.
Our partner companies have an established local presence in nearly all of the countries within each of the six Department of Defense (DoD) geographic combatant commands, positioned to rapidly respond to any LOGCAP mission requirement.
The 16th STB S-4 section directly managed ISB life support requirements and facilitated communication between various channels including the 4th ID MCE, LOGCAP, the host nation, the 16th Sustainment Brigade, the Installation Management Command--Europe, and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (the Exchange) to ensure they fully supported the ISBs.
The Defense Contract Management Agency, the contract administrator for contingency contract administration services for LOGCAP, and DCMA's Team LOGCAP partners successfully planned and executed--arguably--the largest contractor battlefield RIP/TOA in military history.
To date, these services have been provided mainly via the large LOGCAP contracts held by KBR, and more recently Fluor and DynCorp.
First used extensively in Bosnia, LOGCAP today provides the extensive logistics and base services that have become so familiar in Iraq and Afghanistan.