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LOGELiaison Office in Geneva (Switzerland)
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Ground-level, air-conditioned club space for loge patrons and close to 300 more guests with passes.
How much: P6,825 (VIP 1 Standing); P5,250 (VIP 2 Standing); P4,725 (Loge); P3,150 (Balcony).
They'll add in-room retail, which includes a lot of Loge Co.
And just like Nadelmann who tried to convince onlookers that his initial mishap was an intentional demonstration of his ability to keep damage under control after falling from the loge, so we have the Cypriot authorities trying to convince citizens that by terminating theyprocedure with Vitol -they initiated themselves- they actually protectedthe economy's interests from the 'greedy' gas suppliers who sought to sell us more gas than we needed, when in fact consumers and businesses are paying a much higher price for the much worse service they now get.
The Loge Level offers 400 seats with access to the Lexus Field Pass Terrace and Scholarship Room, which offer upscale concessions and full bar service.
In her text 'The Lure of the Loge', Ireson explores the growing social importance of the theatre box and its appearance in print and on canvas.
John has found that the car, initially registered in London, had been bought by Joan Loge, who lived at 140 Lillington Road, Leamington.
Musee d'architecture--La Loge, Brussels Rollicking tour of symbolic and decorative roles of fabulous animals in architecture, from early primitive monsters--phoenix, chimera, basilisk, beasts of the Apocalypse etc--to contemporary zoomorphic follies.
Demonstrating the eccentric appeal of the book, some of its contents span the divide between the continents, as in the case of such chapters as "UNESCO of the Eighteenth Century: La Loge des Neuf Soeurs and its Venerable Master, Benjamin Franklin" by Nicholas Hans, and "Civil Society and Freemasonry: The Cardenista Rite & Mexico" by Paul Rich and Antonio Lara.
I stayed at the Hotel de la Loge 1 rue des Fabriques d'en Nabot, (www.hoteldelaloge.fr) in the heart of medieval Perpignan.
His next break came in 1996 as Loge for Arizona Opera.